6. February - NEW: TRACKSHOT Intro

Our smallest variant of TRACKSHOT is intended as a reliable replacement of CD players with easiest operation, e.g. for rehearsals in the ballet room or as an audio player in small theaters and the like


TRACKSHOT Intro includes up to 2 playlists, one wall register with up to 8 wall buttons and further the edit dialog (without recording). Seeking to markers together with instant replay is available in this license as well!


The 2 playlists can also be started by (faderstart-) contacts and stopped or paused, depending on the settings.


TRACKSHOT Intro is suitable for the simple playback in mono/stereo without the necessity of MIDI in/out commands, time code, Live mode, Trigger commands and other AddOn functionalities.



Please register or login yourself and download our demo version for testing!

The demo version has only a few limitations, so you can test the whole functionality.


Download Demo version


Download Full version   (if you are logged in as a user)


4. February - TRACKSHOT v7.0.10.0 Release

The new TRACKSHOT v7 Release is available in the download area now.

If you are using already an earlier v7.0 we recommend downloading and installing this update!


+++ Important for users of the multitrack licenses TRACKSHOT 8/16/24 +++



Certain erroneously produced Multitrack samples with different(!) track lengths of the single mono files cracked at the end.

Further information you will find in the info-file (.txt) in the resp. zip archive.