28. December - TRACKSHOT v8.1.7.0 Release

Just in time for the turn of the year we provide the new TRACKSHOT v8.1 update in the download area!



If you are using already an earlier v8.0 we recommend downloading and installing this update!


For the new functions and enhancements (there are a lot ;-)) please read the info-file (.txt) in the resp. zip archive.



25. May - General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018, the so-called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect EU-wide.

As a result, we have updated our privacy policy with respect to the collection and handling of personal information of our users, customers and registered contacts.

In order not to participate in the large-scale flood of e-mails, we have deliberately refrained from communicating this with any registered contact!

We are sure that the press has provided sufficient information for everybody.

Our current privacy policy can be found here.

If you have questions or feedback feel free to contact us anytime.


Andreas Bertermann


10. January - TRACKSHOT v8.0.3.0 Release

Internal mixing for ASIO devices with new routing possibilities is available now!


As a result of the ASIO driver architecture, ASIO devices always can be opened

once to play.
That's why you needed one separate ASIO device for each sample which should
play independently at the same time.
The real physical audio output was determined then by the settings of the
audio card (routing matrix).

From now on one and the same ASIO device can be used in several playlists and
wall registers simultaneously.
The separate audio streams are internally mixed first and then the sum is
passed to the ASIO device for playback.
Therefore all physical outputs can be directly defined by their corresponding
audio devices.
The external routing matrix of the audio interface is not needed in this case.

New routing options (for the multitrack licenses TRACKSHOT 8/16/24)
Internal mixing not only works for the ASIO devices (stereo), but also for the
multitrack devices that are made up of individual ASIO devices put together.
Thus, a single multitrack device, e.g. from 8 ASIO devices (=16 tracks)
exists to be used in all playlists and wall registers at the same time.

In the playlist and wall properties a standard routing can be adjusted
separated for stereo and multitrack samples.
This standard routing determines on which channels of the multitrack device
samples that are dragged into this playlist or wall register will be played.

In the routing dialog using the colors of the channels you can see at first
glance whether the sample has a standard routing or not.

The routing can be adjusted here at any time and very easy to route to other
or even more channels.
The standard routing then becomes an individual routing and the color of the
tracks will be changed.

With the reset button an individual routing can be quickly reset to the
standard routing at any time.

If samples with an individual routing are moved or copied to another playlist
or wall, the routing can be retained or even be adapted to the standard
routing of the destination playlist or wall.

The behavior can be adjusted by the user himself in the Basic Configuration.

Also in the Basic Configuration a default trigger moment can be defined, used in the
trigger dialog of the event properties when creating a new trigger command.

The LPT port as fader start interface is now also available under Win 10.

Further new features and information you will find in the info-file (.txt) in the resp. zip archive.

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