With the TRACKSHOT Commander you can always play out your samples directly and right on cue



This remote is like a PC-keyboard but with extra large keys for easy control and fast access of the TRACKSHOT software.


All functions needed during a show or rehearsal can directly be accessed. On the whole the layout corresponds to the GUI (Graphics User Interface) of TRACKSHOT.

Thus very quickly you get along yourself on the remote keyboard and retain the overview always. Special changes to customer's wishes are possible and welcome, giving the user 'his' TRACKSHOT Commander.


The TRACKSHOT Commander will be delivered with USB-cable and PS/2 adapter. It is connected in parallel to the PC-keyboard.


The cable comes out optionally left or right of the back side and has a length of ca. 2 m.


The very thin frame of the TRACKSHOT Commander leads to the compact dimensions: 320 x 190 x 42 mm (LxWxH), weight 1.1 kg.


The power is delivered by the USB-interface.


For the correct installation, two values in the Basic Configuration of the TRACKSHOT software must be adjusted ('Wall-Control -->Repeat interval'). Then the remote can be used immediately.


If TRACKSHOT has to be controlled from several locations, multiple TRACKSHOT Commanders can be simultaneously connected via USB.